We are the European market leader in components for bulk materials for potentially explosive areas.
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We make a distinction between ATEX and ExZü equipment.

ATEX is an abbreviation for ATmosphères EXplosibles (French) and refers to potentially explosive areas. The prerequisite for explosions is the interaction of an oxygen source, a flammable substance and an ignition source. ATEX equipment must not be an effective ignition source, which means in concrete terms: These devices must not cause an explosion.

ExZü is a registered brand of the JAUDT company. This is also an abbreviation and stands for explosion pressure surge resistant and spark ignition resistant. In addition to the fact that they may not represent an ignition source, as is the case with ATEX devices, ExZü devices are tested protective systems which prevent the spread of an explosion if one should occur. ExZü devices stop an explosion that has already occurred.


Our expertise

At JAUDT, we can look back on a long history with regard to equipment for potentially explosive areas. These devices are an integral part of our business. ATEX devices represent a share of around 40 % here. We are continuously further developing our products, so that we will also be your reliable partner for ATEX and ExZü equipment in the future This includes updating our certificates in accordance with Directive 2014/34/EU, annual audits and the renewal of all tests, such as the bombardment of ExZü devices by external testing bodies. Adaptation to changing test procedures and directives is a matter of course. Internally, we have know-how available which has been accumulated by several ATEX officers from different areas, such as design, sales, work preparation and production. Our experience and our quality set us apart.

You will find numerous ATEX devices in our product portfolio, such as various types of rotary valves and slide gates, butterfly valves, distributor valves and Double shuttle valves. We offer a wide variety of rotary valves as ExZü devices.