3 pc. of good as new vario slide gates FSV 100 with pneumatic cylinder

Nominal size inlet/outlet Ø : 100
Construction height : 90
Flange drilling : EN 1092 PN6
Temperature : T150
Material housing : Aluminum cast
Material Sliding plate : Stainless steel
Sliding plate guiding : Eccentric roller stainless steel
Sealing : Adjustable packing gland aramide and o-ring silicone
Tightness in the passage : Dust-tight
Tightness to the outside : Dust-tight
Drive : Pneumatic cylinder double-acting
ø100, stroke 100mm
Working pressure: 6 - 10 bar
with protection cover for the working space
ACCESSORIES : 2 pc. of limit switches for OPEN/CLOSE
Type NBB5-18GM50-E2
mounted and justified
ACCESSORIES : 5/2 -way solenoid valve >PARKER ORIGA<
type PD34921-0233
24 V DC IP 65 G 1/4"
mounted and tubed with cylinder
Painting : Stainless steel and alu parts blank
steel parts galvanized
DIN parts and drive at manufacturer standard
type plate (adhesive shiled with protection)
CONDITION : As new, device is subjected to a test run before delivery
PRICE : 947,00 € / piece, excl. packaging, ex stock Augsburg