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Intermediate flange slide gate FSZ

Publication ZKG 03/2013

Flameproof up to 10 barg in closed position

Intermediate flange slide gate FSZ


Rotary Valve XXL and Cutter Rotary Valve

Publication ZKG 09/2009

Rotary Valve XXL and Cutter Rotary Valve

Raw meal and secondary fuel metering in the cement industry

In the cement industry, rotary valves are employed as continuous discharge devices or dosing devices operating as a rotray vlaves under slight negative pressure or overpressure. 

Slide Gate XXL

Publication bulk goods solids 2008

Slide Gate XXL

For Big Lumps

There are applications, like lignite handling or sewage sludge handling, where slide gates of extraordinary dimensions are used.


Blow through feeder

Publication ZKG 12/2004

Blow-through feeder for pneumatic transport of iron(II) sulfate

Directive 2003/53/EG states that from 17.01.2005 cement and preparations containing cement can no longer be used or placed in the Market if their content of soluble chromium (VI) after hydration is more than 0,0002 % (2 pppm) of the dry mass of the cement.